BurrenLIFE (The Burren Programme)

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The Burren Programme has its origins in the BurrenLIFE Project (2005-2009), the findings of which became the foundations for the Burren Farming for Conservation Programme (BFCP), which started up in 2010. 

See The BurrenLIFE Project Final Report 2010 and the Final Technical Report and the Programme section of this website for details on both the BurrenLIFE Project and the BFCP.

The Objectives of the Burren Programme are:

  • to ensure the sustainable agricultural management of high nature value farmland in the Burren;
  • to contribute to the positive management of the Burren’s landscape and cultural heritage; and
  • to contribute to improvements in water quality and water usage efficiency in the Burren region.

Our Approach

Funding & Team


The Burren Programme Executive Summary Reports, for the four years to date, are listed below:   

Year 1 (2016) Executive-Summary

Year 2 (2017) Executive-Summary

Year 3 (2018) Executive Summary

Year 4 (2019) Executive Summary

Year 5 (2020) Executive Summary

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