AIEs on Peatland Extraction: Who’s Reporting What, and to Whom for Enforcement Purposes?

First look at what might be reported to local authorities, for example:

– public reports of unlicensed peat extraction 

– reports forwarded by BnM (public incorrectly report unlicensed peat extraction to BnM)

– reports forwarded by EPA (EPA only deal with EPA license extraction, which as of 2019 is all unlicensed, so they may report non BnM extraction) 

– reports forwarded by NPWS and/or other government departments/agencies (eg fly over reporting by NPWS from SAC bogs)

– reports submitted by LAWPRO, ASSAP or other local authorities 

In particular to include the following documentation

– details/copies of any warning letters issued by the council under s152 PDA 2000 in respect of peat extraction; 

– any enforcement notices issued under s154 PDA 2000 in respect of same; 

– details of any proceedings for an injunction issued by the council under s160 in respect of same

Note: NPWS have a list of SAC bogs with unlicensed extraction from flyovers, but there’s no comprehensive listing of non-SAC unlicensed extraction

Thanks for for all the pointers on enforcement

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