National Biodiversity Indicators

Overall, the most recent update highlights that out of the 71 sub-indicators that have data, 76% of them show static or poor progress in delivering biodiversity conservation, 21% show progress has been made and another 3% are uncertain. The main progress being made is in the focal area of ‘Awareness of Biodiversity’ with positive current, short-term and long-term trends evident.

What are the National Biodiversity Indicators?

The National Biodiversity Indicators are a suite of 71 sub-indicators, grouped under eight focal areas, that provide a high-level overview of how Ireland is addressing the biodiversity crisis. The indicators incorporate quantitative measures that summarise trends around knowledge and understanding of biodiversity, society’s engagement with biodiversity, and public policy response to address the biodiversity crisis. The suite of indicators was updated using data to the end of 2020, and the latest Status and Trends report has just been published (read the report here).

The National Biodiversity Indicators are collated and reported on by the National Biodiversity Data Centre on behalf of the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage and the Gaeltacht. The updated indicators collate data and information from 33 different organisations from both governmental and non-governmental backgrounds, and the updated indicators can be viewed on a dedicated website


Dr Michelle Judge

Data Manager

National Biodiversity Data Centre


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