AgriDISCRETE Project

Funding: European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

Duration: Unknown

Agri Tech / Mobile Ecosystem and Pervasive Sensing (MEPS)



Digitalisation in agriculture and forestry through data security (AgriDISCRETE) will address multifaceted challenges related to data use, data security, data sharing and data ownership in the application of digital technologies in agricultural and forestry sectors in Ireland. 

Bringing together an interdisciplinary research team comprised of data scientists, business scholars, and social/behavioural scientists, the AgriDISCRETE project ensures a holistic approach to considering both the technical and the socio-economic and ethical challenges introduced by data usage and sharing in agriculture and forestry.

Five integrated tasks will facilitate the research team to map current technological challenges, identify diverse stakeholder concerns, and develop societally-acceptable technological solutions and social responses.

The project will develop practical strategies, tools and solutions that can be used by policy-makers, researchers and innovators to ensure good data governance and responsible data sharing. Embedding a multi-actor approach, AgriDISCRETE aims to inform good data governance practices within Irish agriculture and forestry so that the benefits of digitalisation for agriculture and forestry in Ireland can be realised in a trajectory which is responsible and societally acceptable. 


AgriDISCRETE is an interdisciplinary, multi-actor project which will use mixed methods to explore opportunities and solutions for the successful, responsible and societally acceptable usage and sharing of (digital) data in agriculture and forestry. Good data governance practices will be identified by exploring technological and business model solutions whilst concurrently embedding a multi-actor approach within the project to ensure acceptability of these solutions to different stakeholder groups. This interdisciplinary approach is assured with the involvement of computer scientists, business scholars and social scientists who have a track record in employing different disciplinary perspectives to explore data governance practices within agriculture and forestry. 

A multi-actor approach will be grounded in the current project through Task 1; Task 1 will engage stakeholders to identify specific social and ethical requirements for different stakeholder groups which can be considered in the design and development of Task 2 and Task 3. Task 3 will additionally make recommendations on the broader social, policy and industry responses required to embed good data governance practices alongside the introduction of new innovations and solutions emerging from Task 1 and Task 2. Task 2 will elicit requirements, develop business models, design data governance and sharing models as well as implement a proof of concept in T2.4. T2.4 outputs will be demonstrated in an operational environment through Task 3. 

Key Objectives

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of anticipated socio-economic and ethical impacts of increased digitalisation in agriculture and forestry in Ireland. 
  • Identify stakeholders’ perceptions of digital data management and governance in agriculture and forestry, highlighting specific areas of socio-economic or ethical concern. 
  • Facilitate stakeholders to participate in the co-creation of good data governance practices in agriculture and forestry in Ireland. 
  • Identify a comprehensive set of requirements for data sharing and re-use in agriculture and forestry.
  • Develop a set of data-driven business models
  • Design and implement a set of building block models for data sharing, governance and security supporting the data-driven business models.
  • Demonstrate in an operational environment, the proof of concept solution to serve the data-driven business models. 

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