Management of Asbestos in Soils – An All-Ireland Guidance Document

Ireland Brownfield Network, Asbestos in Soils Good Practice Subgroup
Date: November 2020

There are disposal options for landfilling of AiS within NI; however, in ROI these options are very limited. At present, there is no licensed disposal facility for AiS in ROI and the only facilities licensed to accept AiS and other asbestos waste are Waste Transfer Stations accepting AiS waste for onwards transfer in accordance with Transfrontier Shipment Regulations to either NI or mainland Europe.

Also see:

EPA Technical Guidance. The Landfilling of Asbestos Waste (December 2006), Discussion document in relation to the classification of landfills accepting asbestos as a SNRHW (stable non-reactive hazardous waste)

Environmental Protection Agency (2010). Focus on Landfilling in Ireland. Provides a general overview of the landfilling status in Ireland at the time, and highlights that at that time ‘There is currently no Non-hazardous landfill in Ireland with a separate cell for asbestos waste. Nor is there a general Hazardous waste landfill.’

A Guide to Consigning Hazardous Waste (DAERA. 2019). Provides a detailed guide to consignment of waste within NI and between NI and GB including details on how to complete the requisite documentation. Cross-border consignment of waste between NI and ROI is not covered.

Note: volumes of asbestos to landfill in Northern Ireland to 2019 (via FOI)

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