Closed / Historic Landfills

A ‘closed landfill’, also commonly referred to as a historic landfill, is defined in the said Regulations as a landfill site operated by a local authority for the recovery or disposal of waste without a waste licence on any date between 15th July 1977 and 27th March 1997.

The Environmental Protection Agency is obliged to process applications from local authorities in relation to ‘closed landfills’ in accordance with the Waste Management (Certification of Historic Unlicensed Waste Disposal and Recovery Activity) Regulations, 2008.

The purpose of certificates of authorisation is to specify control and remediation measures required at a closed landfill to ensure that waste disposed or recovered in the closed landfill is not causing, or is not likely to cause, environmental pollution.  A certificate of authorisation shall comply with the above Regulations.

Before making an application for a certificate of authorisation, a local authority has to identify and register the closed landfill in accordance with the Regulations. The local authority shall then carry out a risk assessment in respect of the closed landfill in accordance with the EPA Code of Practice – Environmental Risk Assessment for Unregulated Waste Disposal Sites and the Regulations (Regulation 6).  Once the risk assessment has been completed, the local authority apply to the EPA for a certificate of authorisation (Regulation 7).

As of Jan 2022, there are 69 registered Historic Landfills

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Reg No.ApplicantLocation of FacilityDocuments?
H0125-01Donegal County CouncilDunkineelyYes
H0141-01Donegal County CouncilCarrickYes
H0167-01Fingal County CouncilBarnageeraghYes
H0171-01Galway City CouncilSouthparkYes
H0175-01Galway County CouncilShore RoadYes
H0176-01Galway County CouncilClifden – TullyvogheenYes
H0181-01Galway County CouncilGortYes
H0188-01Galway County CouncilNew InnYes
H0192-01Galway County CouncilTuamYes
H0194-01Kerry County CouncilAhasaraYes
H0195-01Kerry County CouncilArdfertYes
H0198-01Kerry County CouncilCastleislandYes
H0203-01Kerry County CouncilDingleYes
H0204-01Kerry County CouncilLenamoreYes
H0205-01Kerry County CouncilListowelYes
H0208-01Kildare County CouncilGreenhillsYes
H0209-01Kildare County CouncilPrusselstownYes
H0002-01Wexford County CouncilCarcur LandfillYes
H0003-01Waterford City & County CouncilPortlaw (Coolfin) LandfillYes
H0005-01Limerick City CouncilSt Marys park LimerickYes
H0007-01Cork County CouncilPike LandfillYes
H0008-01Cork County CouncilVelvetstown LandfillYes
H0009-01Waterford County CouncilTownspark East, Lismore, Co. WaterfordYes
H0030-01Clare County CouncilKilrushYes
H0035-01Clare County CouncilWhitegateYes
H0077-01Cork County CouncilClountreem LandfillYes
H0081-01Cork County CouncilClonakiltyYes
H0082-01Cork County CouncilCloyneYes
H0084-01Cork County CouncilDunmanwayYes
H0223-01Kildare County CouncilDigby BridgeYes
H0228-01Kildare County CouncilPollardstown Refuse depot, Loughbrown, The CurraghYes
H0231-01Kilkenny County CouncilThorpesYes
H0237-01Kilkenny County CouncilOldcourtYes
H0246-01Laois County CountyWynne Park LandfillYes
H0253-01Laois County CouncilTrumeraYes
H0259-01Laois County CouncilOughavalYes
H0296-01Longford County CouncilBallymulveyYes
H0302-01Longford County CouncilCartron BigYes
H0307-01Louth County CouncilOmeath Town DumpYes
H0353-01Meath County CouncilJenkinstown DumpYes
H0357-01Meath County CouncilOldcastle Town DumpYes
H0363-01Monaghan County CouncilScotch CornerYes
H0424-01South Dublin Co CoWaterstownYes
H0432-01South Tipperary County CouncilKilsheelan, ClonmelYes
H0456-01Westmeath County CouncilMoateYes
H0364-01Monaghan County CouncilKillycardYes
H0366-01Monaghan County CouncilKillycronaghanYes
H0394-01Roscommon County CouncilCastlereaYes
H0319-01Mayo County CouncilClaremorrisYes
H0306-01Louth County CouncilCarlingfordYes
H0277-01Limerick City & County CouncilKnocknacarrigaYes
H0291-01Limerick City & County CouncilChurchtown LandfillYes
H0474-02Wicklow County CouncilFassaroe 3CYes
H0475-01Wicklow County CouncilFassaroe 2Yes
H0476-01Wicklow County CouncilFassaroe 3BYes
H0001-01Cork County CouncilNewmarket LandfillYes
H0477-02Wicklow County CouncilFassaroe 3AYes
H0233-01Kilkenny County CouncilShermansYes
H0235-01Kilkenny County CouncilGowranYes
H0089-01Cork County CouncilKealanine LandfillYes
H0016-01Cavan County CouncilKingscourt Dumping GroundYes
H0020-01Cavan County CouncilCootehillYes
H0022-01Cavan County CouncilMullaghYes
H0006-01Sligo County CouncilFormer Finisklin LandfillYes
H0004-01South Tipperary County CouncilTipperary Landfill, Carrownreddy, Tipperary Town, County TipperaryYes
H0210-01Kildare County CouncilCarigeen, ClaneYes
H0477-01Wicklow County CouncilFassaroe 3A, Bray, County WicklowYes
H0402-01South Dublin County CouncilBohernabreenaYes
H0474-01Wicklow Co CouncilFassaroe 3CYes

Safety concerns mean old landfill sites will continue to cost taxpayers money

“As of July 2020, the total number of identified landfill sites was 611. By the end of 2019, only three privately operated landfills were still in operation, the report said. They included 117 sites licensed and regulated by the EPA since March 1997, and which it continues to monitor —  64 sites operated by local authorities and 53 operated privately. Some 494 unregulated sites are registered by local authorities on a web-based register established by the EPA.” 

The report said that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitors environmental risk factors on an ongoing basis on the 117 landfill sites it has licensed and regulated since March 1997.

The EPA does not monitor environmental risk factors at the remaining 494 landfills that have been identified by the local authorities and are registered on an EPA-hosted database.

More than half of the 280 sites operated by local authorities and subsequently closed between June 1977 and March 1997 have been assessed as of either moderate or high risk, the report found.

Remediation plans have been submitted to the EPA in only 29 of the 280 sites. 

“Neither the EPA, nor the department, nor the regional waste management planning offices were able to provide the examination team with complete information on the risk assessment status of the remaining 214 sites on the register as at December 31, 2019, which included pre-1977 local authority sites, private sites and illegal sites,” the report stated.

Note: generally each historic landfill has an environmental screening report. Where a report is available, it’s generally an AA Screening Report, and can be difficult to locate on the EPA website. Click on the relevant Landfill Reg No (eg H0006-01), then click on View Applicant Documents. It is usually the largest file in the list

Note: Appropriate Assessment Screening is required under the Habitats Directive for any project or plan that may give rise to significant effects on a European (Natura 2000) site. The reports do cover water quality. They also cover potential cumulative effects, eg Ardfelt Quarry is less than 2km from Ardfelt Historic Landfill, and hydrologically linked

Examples of Appropriate Assessment Screening Reports prepared on behalf of local authorities on historic landfill sites

Dunkineely Landfill, Donegal

Carrick Landfill, Donegal

Barnageeragh Landfill, Dublin

Southpark Landfill, Galway

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