Harvesting Pollution Incident, Knockacummer Wind Farm, Mullaghareirk Mountains, Cork

AIE 21 179 TFL00376919

Clear-felling works at wind farm under felling licence TFL0037691 causing pollution incident

“Applicant hasn’t adequately adhered to the conditions of the felling license. They have not
adhered to the Forest and Water Quality guidelines, Forest Harvesting and the Environment
guidelines, Standards for Felling and reforestation and Appropriate Assessment mitigation
measures. There are no silt traps evident in the drains in the affected areas. Brushing of the
extraction route is completely inadequate.”

“Without remedial actions, there is a real risk of a much larger pollution incident taking place
in the future, when it rains and the disturbed peat soil/liquidised peat soil flows down the slope
and off the site.”

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