Existing / historic landfill: reports on impact on water quality (AIE 16/1/22)



Under the AIE Regs to request any research, reports or enforcement actions relating to the impact of historic and/or existing landfill sites on water quality

In particular, if there is a list of catchments currently under pressure from landfill (open/historic landfills) in the form similar to the other ‘significant pressure reports’
eg https://www.catchments.ie/significant-pressures-urban-waste-water/ or https://www.catchments.ie/significant-pressures-forestry/


I am submitting the same AIE to both the EPA and LAWPRO (via Tipperary CoCo, as the competent authority for LAWPRO), as I am unclear which entity has oversight for existing / historic landfill sites
For the purposes of this AIE please consider the timeframe 2018-2022

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