Task Force Review conducted on the NBDC (2021)

The National Biodiversity Data Centre is a programme of the Heritage Council and is operated under a service level agreement by Compass Informatics. (biodiversityireland.ie)

2021 NPWS Report notes,

The NBDC do not have the expertise to run all of the programmes required under the Nature Directives and tend to focus on species level data. The NPWS have requested that the focus of the NBDC is on the collation, cleansing and dissemination of biodiversity data. Because the NWPS deals with some data in addition to the NBDC, there is the potential for overlap, gaps and inefficiencies.

Currently, there is a Task Force Review being conducted on the NBDC, but this was not completed at the time of writing this report, nor were its findings available to the Reviewers.

AIE request on NBDC meeting minutes, agendas and final report

AIE submitted 13/12/22

Why are NBDC funded only to conduct work on species rather than habitat data ? i.e. they map species, but do not map the pressures degrading the habitats of those species

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