EPA / AECOM Landfill Leachate Study

EPA / AECOM leachate samples study from six landfill sites (three operational and three historical)

Sites were selected based on historic and operational landfills at EPA licensed sites as opposed to illegal or historically unlicensed landfills.

The sites selected were:
· Site 01 – Drehid Waste Management Facility, Co. Kildare (Operational Landfill);
· Site 02 – Ballymurtagh Landfill Facility, Co. Wicklow (Historical Landfill);
· Site 03 – Knockharley Landfill, Co. Meath (Operational Landfill);
· Site 04 – Ballynagran Residual Landfill, Co. Wicklow (Operational Landfill);
· Site 05 – Kerdiffstown Landfill, Co. Kildare (Historical Landfill); and
· Site 06 – Arthurstown Landfill, Co. Kildare (Historical Landfill).

Sample record

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