Irish Water Plant Audits (Plus Lough Mask Regional Water Supply Scheme Audit Report)


Before Irish Water’s appearance at the Joint Committee on Housing and Local Government, Irish Water had commenced its own review of water treatment plants. At the time of its appearance, it had prepared a single report in relation to the Lough Mask Water Treatment Plant.

Following its presentation to the Joint Committee on Housing & Local Government, Irish Water amended its approach to document the findings of all plant assessments in a single report (and not individual reports). The decision to produce a single report covering all plants was taken in the interest of making the findings available to the public as quickly as possible. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Housing, Planning & Local Government (DHPLG) were informed and acknowledged this approach. As an aside, the number of plants to be audited was increased to from twenty to twenty-six

Accordingly, there is one report in relation to Lough Mask and one report covering the remaining relevant water treatment plants, incorporating the Lough Mask report. No other reports were prepared. Therefore, the original decision is amended to reflect the release of one report in relation to Lough Mask.

The report for Lough Mask Water Treatment Plant is attached (Records 1 & 2). The link to the single audit report covering the twenty-six water treatment plants (which includes Lough Mask) is included below.

Note: The Lough Mask RWSS is a Plant Alarm and Inhibit Evaluation Review. There is no inhibit on the upper chlorine residual. That’s a reasonable follow up question on water treatment plants, which plants do not alarm on high chlorine levels, and where high chlorine levels are detected, what happens ?

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