Glashaboy river flood scheme

Cork County Council, acting as Agents for the OPW commissioned Arup in association with JBA Consulting to develop a Flood Relief Scheme for Glanmire/Sallybrook

The Glashaboy river flood relief scheme is designed by the Office of Public Works (OPW) to protect 82 homes and 30 commercial properties in the Glanmire area.

The scheme extends over approximately 4km of the Glashaboy and its tributaries, including 0.5km of the Butlerstown stream, approximately of the Glenmore stream, and short lower reaches of other tributaries.

Works will include the construction of new flood defence walls (reinforced concrete and precast elements), embankments, reconstruction of existing bridges, new reinforced concrete culverts, pumping stations, drainage and utility diversions, hard and soft landscaping and other associated works.

study area map

Environmental Imapact Assessment Report (EIAR): Constraints Report

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