Srowland Water Treatment Plant Audit

Drinking Water Audit Report in respect of audit carried out on 12/10/21 at Barrow Public Water Supply – Srowland Water Treatment Plant

Plant is managed by Veolia, operating under DBO contract to Irish Water

Raw water is abstracted from the River Barrow and stored in two raw water storage reservoirs which have up to 3 days storage (120,000 m3 capacity).

THM monitoring programme since June 2021 show elevated levels of THMs in the distribution network which are very close to the 100 ug/l parametric value

Irish Water’s investigations into drinking water quality exceedances in the Barrow supply and Barrow Poulaphouca Blend supply during 2021 found inadequate residual chlorine levels at several locations in the distribution networks, with some results being persistently low.

UV alarms needed

With the exception of UV treatment, there are suitable plant shutdowns in place to prevent the entry of
inadequately treated water entering the distribution network

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