EPAs EDEN & LEAP Systems

An overview of the two main EPA systems used to manage communications with licensees and with local authorities

Information reported to the EPA is used for several purposes, including licence compliance, licensing and monitoring.

Information that comes within the scope of the PRTR Regulation is reported to the European Commission and published on both the Irish https://gis.epa.ie/EPAMaps/PRTR and European https://prtr.eea.europa.eu/#/home PRTR websites.

Information that comes within the scope of Waste Statistics reporting is published in aggregated form on the EPA’s National Waste Statistics website ( https://www.epa.ie/nationalwastestatistics/

Environmental Data Exchange Network (EDEN)

EDEN is the EPA’s online web portal for Local Authorities and licensees to communicate with the EPA on numerous applications.

EDEN provides an online gateway to Environmental and Radiological Protection Licensing, Monitoring, GIS and Reporting applications for organisations to communicate with the EPA and share data with each other.



There are approx 20 modules in EDEN

1. Radiation Licensing (before you acquire radioactive materials or irradiating apparatus, you need an authorisation (registration or licence) from the EPA.


2. Article 27 by-product / waste notifications


3. Article 11 waste authorisations


4. Biodegradable Municipal Waste (BMW) reporting


5. Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)


6. Extractive Industries Register


7. Management of Contaminated Land and Groundwater 


Note: List supplied via EPA on details on the remaining modules

Licence Enforcement Access Portal (LEAP)

The LEAP system records all formal enforcement correspondence between the EPA and its licensees.

Documents are placed on the Licence Enforcement Access Portal (LEAP), accessible at any EPA office, at the time of issue or receipt.

As of 1 January 2016, they are also published online on the Licence Details Page of the EPA website, http://www.epa.ie, 60 calendar days after issue or receipt by the EPA.

The Keystone Enforcement Documents

These are the documents that collectively provide a substantive overview of the enforcement status of the licence.

The specific Online-Publishable document types are:

  • EPA Site Visit (Inspection and Monitoring) Reports and Licensee Public Responses thereto (New);
  • Routine Self-Monitoring Reports (i.e. as per Licence Schedule; not investigations; see Appendix I below);
  • Special Sectoral Reports (Waste Incineration and Co-Incineration Plants performance reports; Solvent emissions monitoring reports; Solvent management plans);
  • Site Closure Reports and related documentation.

Submission of Confidential Information to the OEE

EDEN allows users to report pollutants to Air, Water, Wastewater/Sewer or Land

Note: Releases to land applies only to pollutants in waste which is subject to the disposal operations ‘land treatment’ or ‘deep injection’.
Sludge and manure spreading are recovery operations and therefore not reported as releases to land.

Emissions to Land refers to specific operations only and is not commonly used in Ireland

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