Irish Water: Shannon Pipeline Project: Background Documents from Dublin City Council and Irish Water

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Project began by Dublin City Council in 1997

First analysis of future water demand produced in 2006 and 2010

2008 groundwater report (Eugene Daly) (Appendix C, 2010 report)

Irish Water took over from DCC in 2014

IW report on future water demand/supply (March 2015): Project Need Report (based on Economic Needs Report (Indecon) and the Water Demand Review (Jacobs Tobin))

Plus, IW reports “Water Supply Options Working Paper” (June 2015) and “Preliminary Options Appraisal Report” (Nov 2015)

IW 2016 Final Options Appraisal Report – updated analysis for water demand, updating the analysis in the Project Needs Report

2018 Shannon pipeline project “Water Resources Plan: Eastern and Midlands Region” referred by Minister Eoghan Murphy for independent review by CRU. Review was not completed.

IW renamed the project as National Water Resources Plan

IW published draft National Water Resources Plan for consultation (2021). Consultation on the draft Regional Water Resources Plan – Eastern and Midlands Region is ongoing.

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Earlier Reports

2006 and 2010. Veolia and RPS

AIE submitted to Dublin City Council (12/2/22) for the following report, currently offline

Oct 2010 Report “Water Supply Project Dublin Region: The Plan”

Appendix A (contains demand projections) offline, requested via AIE


2008 Groundwater Report contained in Appendix C in 2010 report:

First Fix Free scheme results reports (quarterly)

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