Irish Water: Draft Regional Water Resources Plan: Eastern and Midlands Publications

Draft Regional Water Resources Plan: Eastern and Midlands

Note: Two information files from the draft RWRP-EM have also been extracted from the documents for use by the EPA during the consultation process.

  1. “WTP Overview” which shows the consolidated Water Treatment Plant data for the region. A link to this has been provided on the website.
  2. “Proposed new and increased abstractions  data for the Eastern Midlands Region”, which shows the consolidated Abstraction data for the region. In accordance with Article 8 2(a)(iii) Directive (EU) 2020/2184, the recast Drinking Water Directive which states that “geo-references for all abstraction points in the catchment areas; given that those data are potentially sensitive, in particular in the context of public health and public security, the Member States shall ensure that such data are protected and communicated only to the relevant authorities and water supplies”, this information will not be published.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

​Appendix H Environmental Reviews

Natura Impact Statement

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