Midleton Youghal Greenway

The proposed development does not exceed any of the thresholds outlined in the Roads Act 1993-2007 that would trigger a mandatory requirement to prepare an EIA Report

An ecological report was prepared for the proposed greenway and this was accompanied by a Stage 1 AA Screening Report. The AA states it is considered that the proposed works do not require progression to second stage Appropriate Assessment

The proposed greenway through the pNHA is to be located on a raised boardwalk

The proposed development Under Section 50 (1) (c) of the Roads Act 1997-2007 and the guidance contained in Section 1 and 2 of the Screening Report is unlikely to have a significant effect on the environment.

This EIA Screening Report concludes that an EIA for the proposed development is not required.

Part 8 Planning Documents 

Midleton to Youghal Greenway Part 8 Chief executive’s Report

Appendix 3 Ammended Figure No. 5.20 (Ecology Report)

Midleton to Youghal Greenway Site Notice

Part 8 Particulars

Part 8 Planning Report

Appendix 1 Cultural Heritage sites 1-13

EIA Screening Report

Appropriate Assessment Screening Report

Ecology Report

Flood Risk Assessment Report

Scheme Drawings

Site Notice & Examiner Press Notice

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