Waterford to New Ross Greenway

EIA Screening

Greenway is to be 3m wide, made up of 40mm bituminous surface laid on 150mm of Clause 804 (laid using a paver to provide a smooth surface for the bituminous material) on a base of 20mm of graded crushed rock or standard graded stone which is placed on a geotextile.

Screening for Environmental Impact Assessment is to determine whether an EIS is required for the proposed Waterford to New Ross Greenway

Screening Conclusions: The Project does not meet the thresholds for which the preparation of an EIS is a mandatory requirement

County Council decided that the proposed Greenway would not be likely to have significant effects on the environment

An Bord Pleanála has not directed the Road Authority to prepare an EIS.

The Greenway development is approximately 22km in length and 3m in width. Although this area is greater than the mandatory threshold which triggers an EIS, the proposed development will be a Greenway and therefore does not meet the mandatory threshold.

In accordance with the Roads Act 1993, as amended, it is considered that the proposed Greenway is not likely to have significant adverse effects on the environment and therefore an EIS is not required

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