Waterways Ireland, Framework for Blueway and Greenway Visitor Experience Development Planning


On the 24th of March 2021, Waterways Ireland in working in partnership with the four Local Authorities (Kildare, Meath, Westmeath, and Longford) officially launched the Royal Canal Greenway. The Greenway is the latest of a range of greenway options available in Ireland. It is a product of scale, the longest of its kind, stretching for 130km from Maynooth to Longford Town / Cloondara alongside the tranquil and historic Royal Canal. It has potential for local / community use as a recreational space, to attract domestic visitors from Ireland, and to cater for an international audience, interested in completing a long-distance experience.

A steering group (the “Steering Group”) has been established to co-ordinate the development, activation and marketing of the Royal Canal Greenway comprising Waterways Ireland, Longford County Council, Westmeath County Council, Meath County Council and Kildare County Council.

Waterways Ireland wishes to learn from and build upon the experience gained in undertaking this project as it is anticipated that the initial contract in respect of the Royal Canal Greenway will be the first in a series. Waterways Ireland and partner agencies are developing other long distance multi-activity trails alongside its canals which will be branded as either Greenways or Blueways.

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