Bord na Mona. Castlegar Bog, Galway, Cutaway Bog Decommissioning and Rehabilitation Plan

Natura Impact Statement

April 2021

Author: Pat Doherty

The area of Castlegar Bog, including Annaghbeg bog, comprises 518Ha in total.

8 silt ponds at Castlegar Bog

SW119 is the principal silt pond

Castlegar bog surface water outlets discharge to the River Suck

The Castlegar property includes a large area of Annaghbeg Bog NHA. Bord Na Móna never carried out any activities or drainage work at Annaghbeg Bog, apart from acquisition. This is an undrained intact raised bog subject to intensive marginal turf cutting by private individuals with turbary rights. The scope of this rehabilitation plan covers the former Castlegar Bog industrial peat production area. No measures are proposed for Annaghbeg Bog as there has been no Bord Na Móna drainage, bog development or industrial peat production. It was designated as a Natural Heritage Area (NHA).


Private turbary exists at Castlegar Bog where a limited area (7 plots comprising ca.3ha in total) is subject to licensed peat extraction annually. Licensed turbary occurs at various locations within 15km of Castlegar Bog, including several locations where the pathways for downstream in-combination effects on European Sites may exist, primarily via drainage to EPA blue line watercourses to facilitate turbary. Based upon a review of aerial imagery against the extent of licenced turbary occurring in the vicinity of Castlegar Bog it is likely that authorised private turbary also exists in the vicinity of the area of Castlegar Bog that is subject to the PCAS.

Limitations on rehabilitation

Maintain the productivity of agricultural land surrounding the bog

Where turf is still being extracted from other bogs adjacent to Castlegar Bog conditions should be not be made worse

Two minor roads are located in the study area providing access to a dwelling, agricultural land and peat bogs. Access to these roads should be maintained.

The River Suck corridor runs adjacent to the bog. No activity should adversely impact this area.

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