ABP Case: Daly Peat Ltd, Corryrourke, Cornakill, Mullagh, Co. Cavan



Whether the drainage of wetland habitat (raised bog) & mechanical disturbance, removal of peat from a site is or is not development or is or is not exempted development.

ABP-306689-20 Inspector’s Report
• Flood lighting of site and work carried out in early morning and late evening.
• Ecological, visual and safety impact of peat extraction. Peat is extracted with mechanical diggers (bog face up to 6m). Water is pumped away with mechanical pumps from peat extraction area. Construction of internal access roads with materials from site and imports. Loss of trees and visual impact of worked site.
• Planning permission is required. Development includes drainage of a wetland habitat in excess of 2ha (total area c.55ha).
• Environmental impact assessment. If sub-threshold for EIA, screening should be carried out.
• Appropriate assessment. Drains discharge to River Blackwater catchment.

Peat harvesting of >30ha requires and IPC licence. Site area is c.55ha.

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