BMW reporting module in EPA EDEN system

BMW stands for biodegradable municipal waste. 

General information with regard to the BMW reporting module: Biodegradable Municipal Waste (BMW) Reporting | Environmental Protection Agency   (

In relation to what happens to the information that landfill operators submit to the EPA – this comes into an internal system that is used by the EPA to manage the issuing and enforcement of EPA licences and other EPA authorisations. 

Some of the information held in this system is published to the EPA website (e.g. Annual Environmental Reports, Site Inspection reports), and other information is made available at EPA offices (e.g. via a user interface called LEAP). 

Summary information relating to the BMW data returns is already published on the EPA website here: ‘First Look’ Data | Environmental Protection Agency (

There are three active municipal waste landfills accepting waste in Ireland at present – Knockharley Landfill (W0146-02), Drehid Landfill (W0201-03) and Ballynagran Landfill (W0165-02). 

Should public wish to see more specific information/data about the three landfills, each of these landfills operates under an Industrial Emissions (IE) licence, so they can find more specific information by searching for the relevant licence here:

Search for a Licence/Permit | Environmental Protection Agency (, and then clicking on the “View Licence Enforcement Documents” button.

The “BMW Reporting Module” in EDEN is not a dataset, and there is no facility to view landfill data on that module, other than any data returns that someone has previously submitted to the EPA for a landfill under their control. 

The BMW reporting module is only a mechanism for landfill operators to submit specific information to the EPA on municipal waste acceptance which is required to be submitted under the conditions of their licence.

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