Adrigole Priority Area for Action Desktop Report

June 2020


EPA initial characterisation predicts the significant pressure to be clear felling of forestry. Domestic
waste water treatment systems as well as agriculture may also present possible pressures.

The 2016 sanitary survey carried out by the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority suggested that potential sources of contamination include slurry spreading and domestic waste water treatment systems.

Important shellfish area

No monitoring data are available on Adrigole Harbour, it is a protected area for shellfish and so would be
sensitive to bacterial contamination. It is notable that there is another river inputting into the harbour (Cappanaparka_East_010). This is not included in the PAA but may also be a potential source of contamination, it is currently unassigned.

Sediment is affecting water quality on the Adrigole river. It is likely that sediment making its way to the
streams from multiple sources including forestry, agriculture and possibly peat harvesting. Nutrient enrichment may also be causing issues

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