AIE: Irish Water locations of emergency overflows on the sewer network to rivers, and how these are activated in the event of mechanical failure

AIE Response

A list of current known locations of emergency overflows on the network to waterbodies (including rivers) has been compiled.

Emergency overflows on the sewer network are located at wastewater pumping stations and can activate in the event of the following failure modes; (a) an equipment failure or (b) power failure or (c) pump blockage.

Where there is a storm water overflow/combined sewer overflow at a pumping which operates under gravity, it can also operate as an emergency overflow under the same failure modes.

These storm water overflow/combined sewer overflows have been also included on the list.

Site surveys, assessments and checking of data is an on-going process and what has been listed is a snapshot and represents the current data that we have.

With regard to agglomeration D0510 the wastewater treatment plant and wastewater pump station are both alarmed. A new alarm system was installed at SW003 (Crooked Wood PS ), which has been operational since April 2021 and is routinely tested . No overflow events have been recorded from the plant in 2021 or from the network pumping station at Crooked Wood since this alarm system has been operational.

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