Drinking Water Monitoring Results and Water Supply Details for Ireland – Year 2020

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Notes on the data:

This dataset consists of drinking water monitoring results and water supply details reported annually to the EPA by water services authorities in accordance with the Drinking Water Regulations for the year 2020. There are 48 parameters monitored under the regulations, including E. coli, coliform bacteria, pH, ammonium, conductivity, turbidity, taste, odour and colour. The information on water supplies includes population served, volume, source type and treatment. The data is organised by year and by local authority. Each local authority data is presented in a separate ZIP file.

The data are presented on Excel Spreadsheet files. For each local authority for 2020 there are four files. These files contain:

The list of exceedances of the parametric value (limit) set in the Drinking Water Regulations

The list of compliance monitoring results

The shortfall in monitoring

Details of the water supply – population served, volume, source type and treatment etc.

The percentage compliance of all supplies with all parameters.

This dataset has been made openly available to all public access. Please read below regarding citation for further usage of the data.

The results and data are provided in Microsoft Excel XLS file format.

There are 31 zip files available. The approximate size of each zip file is less than 1 MB. Some of the files might be a little larger than 1MB. Once you download one zip file and confirm the download details you will be provided with a direct quick download to all remaining files.

For any drinking water data queries, email drinkingwater@epa.ie (EPA Drinking Water Team)

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