Lower Graney (Shannon) Priority Area for Action Desktop Report


Feb 2022

There is one operational biological monitoring station located at the outlet of Graney(Shannon)_040 at site ‘1km upstream of Scarriff Bridge’ 25G040300. This monitoring point is driving poor ecological status for this waterbody. There are no chemistry data for this site.

Most recent SLAM output gives 57% of phosphate as being from agriculture sources and 20% attributed to forestry.

Potential pressures around future forestry harvesting in the Anamullaghaun river catchment

Forestry areas planted prior to best forestry practice standards are considered legacy sites where there are often inadequate surface water management regimes in place and no adequate setbacks from watercourses. Therefore, forestry activities such as felling and thinning are potentially high risk pressures to water quality.

Sediment and possibly diffuse nutrient issue related to pressures from poorly draining peat and heavy soils used for agricultural and forestry

Potential significant pressures indicated for this waterbody are forestry upstream in Graney(Shannon)_050 particularly forestry planted on peat, urban diffuse run-off and hydromorphology due to channelisation.

Drainage channels particularly in areas with denser networks are likely pathways for delivering phosphate and sediments to watercourses.

Urban runoff / urban misconnection pressure.

Pre-AIE question: “Protect referrals are expected including for legacy forestry sites due to future clear felling and forestry planted on peat” – unclear what these referrals involve ? are they made to Forestry Service ?

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