Ogeen Priority Area for Action Desktop Report


Nov 2020

Receiving water (Awbeg (Buttevant)_050 was failing to meet protected area objectives for Freshwater Pearl Mussel

Forestry / clear felling

Pre reg forestry may be responsible for the decline in biology (ortho-Phosphate and sediment).

Possible sediment issue linked to felling associated with windfarm construction. Corine land usage and soil maps show that the bulk of the waterbody is under forestry with much of this on peaty soils. This suggests that sediment is the significant issue impacting on water quality here. Linked to this is a possible nutrient issue (ammonium and phosphate) associated with sediment transport. Forestry felling may have released both sediment and nutrients to the waterbody.

The bulk of the sub-basin is under forestry

Forestry (clearfelling) as the sole significant pressure for Ogeen

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