Failmore Priority Area for Action Desktop Report

Aug 2020


Evidence of Arterial Drainage: No Scheme or District but there is evidence of arterial drainage.

There is no arterial drainage scheme present. From viewing the GeoHive map there would appear to new channels opened since the 1800s, straightening and constructing new channels in order to join up existing river channel to drain the adjacent lands

The generation of sediment loss from land drainage, bank erosion and peat extraction.

Several land drains in the upper reaches of the river that would be transporting sediment to the main channel of the waterbody

Hydromorphology (Overgrazing) is noted as a significant pressure in the Failmore_010, with altered habitat due to morphological changes as the impact. Overgrazing of commonage areas was a significant issue in the late 90s/early 2000s, and Commonage Framework Plans were introduced to resolve significant issues. However, there could still be still isolated problems with overgrazing in the commonage areas of Connemara, but likely not at the same extent as previously seen.

There are no derogation farms in the PAA and the nitrogen per hectare is 30kg/H is the PAA which is low

With the peat cutting areas there are peatland drains, therefore the sediment from the peatland is being transported from the peatland to the river via these drains

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