The National Co-ordination and Management Committee (NCMC)

This committee will ensure RBMP measures are managed and will strengthen partnerships for implementing the plan.

The NCMC will provide the links between science, policy, and programme delivery.

It will agree and oversee the overall work programmes and report to WPAC on progress, potential barriers to implementation and future policy needs.

It will also oversee preparation of future RBMPs and programmes of measures on behalf of WPAC

April 2017: A commitment to establish the National Co-ordination and Management Committee (NCMC) has been made in the draft RBMP. The NCMC, comprising of representatives of D/HPCLG, local authorities and the EPA in order to oversee implementation of the RBMP, met for the first time on 4 April 2017. The NCMC will have a particular focus on translating the actions/measures in the RBMP into concrete work programmes, with clear targets and timelines.

AIE: membership, minutes, agendas for 2021-22

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