Finisklin Historic Landfill, Sligo

Sligo County Council

Complex historical unregulated landfill site formerly operated by Council


The former landfill covers an area of 13 hectares (ha) on the southern shores of the Garavogue River estuary approximately 1.5km North West of Sligo City Centre.

The former landfill was classified as a high risk site.

Tier 1 Risk Screening, Tier 2 Site Investigation and Testing, Tier 3 CSM (Conceptual Site Model) and Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) were completed in accordance with the methodology detailed in the EPA CoP. 

Extensive Investigative and monitoring works were completed to provide sufficient information to determine whether linkages existed between the identified source-pathway-receptor linkages including groundwater, surface water, soil, leachate and landfill gas monitoring.

The key risk driver for the former landfill was landfill gas so detailed LFG monitoring and modelling were carried out.

The EPA issued a Certificate of Authorisation to Sligo County Council in 2018. This was the first certificate issued by the EPA for a high risk legacy landfill Site.

SLIGO County Council has published plans for a 4.8 hectare public park on part of the former dump site at Finisklin

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