Doonbeg Priority Area for Action Desktop Report


Nov 2020

WFD app shows the water quality at Kilmihil stream is at Poor status due to elevated nutrient concentrations

WFD app indicates that sediment is the significant issue and the pressures are possibly forestry and/or an operational quarry upstream

Licence Register No. A0091-01 Kilmihil

The phosphate is likely to be reaching the river through discharge from UWWTP (Kilmihil Urban Waste Water Treatment Plant). Kilmihil wastewater treatment plant was identified in the EPA initial characterisation as the sole significant pressure on the Kilmihil Stream waterbody

EPA notes that this plant is overloaded (i.e. raw sewage is discharging untreated or partially treated to the river)

Last inspection was Nov 2019

Kilmihil licence file:

Latest filings:

No waste water treatment facility in the village of Cooraclare

Forestry on peat soils

Operational quarry on Tullagower Stream, Section 4 licensed facility (former quarry, now a waste recycling/recovery facility).

Note: Cannot locate quarry/recycling center, or related section 4 license, and not referenced by name in report. Maybe Tullagower Quarries ? waste farm plastics ?

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