4th meeting of the 8th EPA Advisory Committee: Presentations on EPA Strategy & EPA Enforcement Activities


Request under the AIE Regulations for an electronic copy of the following presentations, along with any handouts, slides or other supporting materials:

Office of Office of Communications and Corporate Services Presentation on Development of the Next EPA Strategy

Dr Stephen Fennell, Programme Manager, Office of Office of Communications and Corporate Services gave a presentation on the development of the next EPA Strategy.

The presentation provided details on:• the review of the current EPA Strategy;
• the process and timetable adopted to develop the next EPA Strategy;
• outputs from the staff consultation;
• the draft EPA Strategic Plan 2022-2026
• next steps including stakeholder consultation

Office of Environmental Enforcement Presentation on EPA Enforcement Activities

Darragh Page, Programme Manager, Office of Environmental Enforcement, gave a presentation providing an overview of EPA Enforcement Activities.

The presentation provided details on:

• Office of Environmental Enforcement people and numbers;
• Waste Water Treatment enforcement;
• Drinking Water Treatment enforcement;
• Radiological Protection Regulation;
• Enforcement – Industrial, Waste & Intensive Agriculture;
• Illegal Peat Harvesting;
• Local Authority oversight and coordination;
• Other areas of activity and interest; and
• Reports and Advocacy.

The presentations were given at the 4th meeting of the 8th EPA Advisory Committee (held on Monday, 6th December 2021, via video conference from EPA Regional Inspectorate)

AIE 30/3/22

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