AIE: Aughinish Alumina Financial Provision Requirement Documents (CRAMP & ELRA)

EPA reasons for Decision (Redactions)

Costings and financial details have been redacted as the public interest in favour of release does not outweigh factors against release, specifically in relation to:
• The protection of commercially sensitive information.
• Allowing companies provide the EPA with confidential information without fear of release.
• In not preventing or impeding a company from the effective pursuit of their legitimate business.

Schedule of records released under AIE

CRAMP: for the orderly closure, decommissioning and aftercare of the Aughinish facility

Costings split 50:50 between liabilities for the Bauxite Residue Disposal Area (red mud stack), and liabilities for the main process plant

Note: how are “Parental Guarantees” enforced, eg overseas parent, parent is non compliant/gone bust, or subject to sanctions? Are these funds lodged in a place where only EPA can access ? In this case United Company Rusal IPJSC may have issues in paying ?

Closure & Restoration/Aftercare Plan (CRAMP) for Aughinish Alumina

Environmental Liabilities Risk Assessment (ELRA) for Aughinish Alumina

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