EPA: Sampling and analysis of groundwater

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EPA’s national groundwater quality Water Framework Directive monitoring programme

Groundwater sampling and field parameter analysis for all samples and microbiological analysis (for approximately one in four samples) at 270 sites

The EPA’s national groundwater quality monitoring programme consists of a total of approximately 260 to 290 monitoring sites, the majority of which are abstraction points for Public or Group Water Supply Schemes

EPA also plan, for the first time, to include 5 turloughs, to be monitored by shore based grab samples

The EPA’s Regional Laboratory in Dublin undertake analysis for metals, with all other parameters being analysed in the EPA’s Regional Laboratory in Monaghan

The parameters for field analysis are pH, Electrical Conductivity (Specific at 25°C), Dissolved Oxygen (mg/l and % Saturation), Temperature and Redox Potential.

Required to take samples for the microbiological parameters Total Coliform Bacteria and E.Coli at each of the 270 monitoring sites

The majority of samples (120) are from pumped boreholes. Samples from wells and boreholes are taken at the appropriate tap, i.e. at a location prior to water treatment in the pump house.

67 grab samples from springs. Samples from spring locations are taken close to the source using a sampling pole rather than at the pump house

There are 5 samples to be taken from Turloughs. Grab samples will be taken from the shore using a sampling pole, or similar sampling device e.g. 5 litre bottle thrown from the shore.

Poorly Productive Aquifer (PPA) sites: there are 76 monitoring locations located within nine catchments, with the monitoring points in each catchment located in relatively close proximity to each other. 68 of these are purged groundwater samples, 8 are grab samples from surface waters.

PPA Sites:







New Village

Turlough sites (5)

Castleloye, Newtown, Co. Sligo


Kilquire Lower, Co. Mayo


Kiltiernan East, Tyrone Avenue, Co. Galway


Rahasane, Carrigeen, Co. Galway


Doonowen, Co. Galway


Download EPA groundwater monitoring points in Excel:

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