Lyreacrompane Public Water Supply (PWS), Kerry

The Lyreacrompane Public Water Supply (PWS) serves a population of 2,575 and the supply volume is 2,248 m3/day

Managed by Kerry County Council (acting under service level agreement to Irish Water).

The source of the supply is the River Smearlagh. The river has a lot of forestry, wind-farms and bogland in the catchment. Kerry County Council said that the river quality is variable with very high organic loadings at certain times of the year and corresponding very low UVT levels (Ultraviolet transmittance or transmission (UVT) is a water quality measurement that is often used for UV disinfection applications)

The raw water is treated at the plant as follows: pH correction using caustic soda, coagulation using aluminium sulphate and poly, clarification, rapid gravity filtration, chlorination using sodium hypochlorite and final water pH correction using soda ash.

Exceedances of the THM (trihalomethanes)

The EPA will consider adding this supply to the Remedial Action List (RAL) under the category of elevated THMs above the Drinking Water Regulations if there are persistent THM exceedances

The THM formation may be caused by the source, which contains very high dissolved organics, and low flows and long retention times in the network

The sodium hydroxide tank fill point is not locked and the fill point should be enclosed so that any spillages are directed into the bund.

There are no high or low pH alarms for the final water.

EPA audit report

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