Presentation on EPA Enforcement Activities

Useful overview of the OEE division of EPA

> 1500 inspections/yr
10-20 prosecutions/yr

24 active cases before the courts
• 11 District Court
• 2 Circuit (via DPP)
• 11 High Court

Environment and Public Purse protected from Environmental Liabilities and Damage from Regulated Sites

No regulated activity having an impact on the environment or public health (water/air/odour)

Reduced GHG emissions from regulated activities

Unauthorised peat activities ceased

Improved and consistent Local Authority environmental performance delivering better compliance and environmental outcomes

OEE functions and resources aligned to be responsive and adaptable to meet emerging challenges

OEE Leadership team working collaboratively to foster a culture of innovation, support, flexibility and responsiveness across the OEE

Improved engagement and interaction with the regulated community and other Stakeholders

Improved access to information for the public

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