Blue Dot Catchments Programme Work Programme: River Basin Management Plan 2018 -2021


The work programme for the Blue Dot Catchments Programme for implementation during the 2nd cycle River Basin Management Plan was adopted by the Steering Group on 26th of September 2019.

The Programme objectives are:

1. Agree a vision for the protection and restoration of high status waters in Ireland.
2. Determine what constitutes a Blue Dot water body / site / catchment, and agree on a spatial network of high status waters in Ireland.
3. Agree branding for high status / blue dot waters.
4. Prepare a communications and engagement plan.
5. Establish pilot projects for community engagement and action.
6. Work together with the Department of Housing Planning and Local Government1 to establish appropriate planning guidance for the protection of Blue Dot waters.
7. Influence national schemes and programmes which can prioritise the protection and
restoration of Blue Dot waters.
8. Assist in improving the exchange of information within and between local and public
authorities and with Government Departments.
9. Consider areas where further research is required.
10. Review proposals for site specific measures for high status objective water bodies from
LAWPROs work programme and the LIFE IP (if successful).
11. Contribute to the development of a long term strategy for high status waters

An estimated work programme budget is presented

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