Coillte BAU Monitoring Data 2016-202

Afforestation             261 Ha    

Note: the target in Coillte Strategic Vision is 100,000 Ha by 2050, company will need to up their annual afforestation rate 70 fold to meet that target

Re-stocking            37,998 Ha 

Aerial Fertilisation     1149 Ha

Clear-felled area    28,794 Ha   (over a third of the size of Co. Louth)

Thinning Area        55,813 Ha   (almost 10% of the area of Co. Mayo)

Area Sold                2240 Ha      (Coillte sold over 8.5 times more land than it has planted)

Biodiversity Sites identified                        67,840

Biodiversity management plans completed    110

Forest Roads Constructed                            398.7 km

Forest Road Upgrades                                 2027.4 km

Fires – area damaged (Hectares)                  2667.29 Ha

Windthrow area (Hectares)                          1475.91 Ha

Deer Cull Returns                                           5292

Stakeholder Queries                                       3481

Community Partnerships                                    84  

Over 50% of Coillte’s land holding (approximately 7% of the area of the State) is made up of single species, Sitka Spruce

Source: all data from recently published BAU Five Year Plans

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