Tender: Coillte Framework Agreement for Sustainability Consultancy Services

To ensure Coillte are managing our business with the most up to date sustainability practices we will / may seek sustainability consultation in the following areas:

  1. Forestry, including but not limited to forest management, new technologies, forest industries, etc
  2. Land, including but not limited to management and optimisation.
  3. People, organisation and behaviour.
  4. Transportation, including fleet and supply chain.
  5. Business practices, including but not limited to administration, legal, procurement, facilities management, finance.
  6. Timber products, the use of timber, innovation in timber. 
  7. Also for inclusion are all sustainability consultation opportunities that will enhance and benefit our organisation.  

To provide consultation in sustainability strategic planning and implementation.  This framework will include experts who can provide consultation including (but not limited to) environmental assessments and life cycle analysis.  We aim to identify consultants who can help us plan, identifying areas for improvement, and then turn plans into action to reach a desired outcome.

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