AIE Request: Peatland Rehabilitation Monitoring Documentation, Risk Register, Financial Model and GIS Data

AIE request 043_2022


Release of the EDRRS Risk Register and Financial Model refused under AIE

Reports / maps redacted for ‘constraints’ (where the rewetting programme is constrained by other adjoining landowners, presumably agriculture, forestry and 3rd party peat extraction operations

Bord na Mona did not make shp files available to the Dept, so only pdf format available. Dept have tendered for a GIS specialist on the EDRRS programme. Unclear why the shp files have not been provided to Dept as the regulatory authority for the project. RPS Group who run BnM mapping data, have full GIS data on every bog, with detailed drainage mapping data (and used those shp files to run off pdf files for the Dept)

Monitoring and Veification Plans

Map Books

Kilgarvan Bog GIS Map Book

Bunahinly Bog GIS Map Book

Blackwater GIS Map Book

Gilltown GIS Map Book

Additional maps to follow

Clooneeny  Bog GIS Map Book

Begnagh Bog GIS Map Book

Killaranny Bog GIS Map Book

Carranstown Bog GIS Map Book

Derrinboy Bog GIS Map Book

Derryfadda Bog GIS Map Book

Prosperous Bog GIS Map Book

Derrybrat  Bog GIS Map Book

Derraghan  Bog GIS Map Book

Noggusboy South  Bog GIS Map Book

Timahoe South  Bog GIS Map Book

Lodge Bog GIS Map Book

Glenlough GIS Map Book

Cloncreen GIS Map Book

Bloomhill GIS Map Book

Knappoge GIS Map Book

Ballycon GIS Map Book

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