Certifying Inspectors for all Forestry Licences issued to date in 2022

Excluding a handful of Inspectors who have certified less than 10 licences the figures show that Inspectors certifying Coillte applications are, on average, certifying more than twice as many licences as their counterparts who deal with private licence applications over the same period. (160 compared with 70).

How is the difference explained?  

Are Coillte licence applications subject to less scrutiny?

DAFM has a dedicated unit for processing Coillte felling licences. Coillte felling licence applications are not processed on iFORIS and so do not undergo EIA Screening. Private licences do.

How many field visits are carried out by the dedicated Coillte unit (based in Johnstown Castle) prior to issuing licences? Is this part of the reason for the difference? Regional Inspectors may be taking more time in actually visiting the sites that they are issuing licences for?

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