The CatchmentCARE project

The CatchmentCARE project aims to establish three cross-border, fresh water quality improvement projects in the Finn (Donegal—Tyrone); the Arney (Fermanagh-Leitrim-Cavan); and the Blackwater (Armagh-Tyrone-Monaghan) Catchments; as well as installing 51 boreholes across the region.


River Works

Caring for River Catchments – Pressures and Solutions
Caring for River Catchments – YouTube Video
Riparian works to improve water quality
Improvement works on the Cummirk River, Finn Catchment

River Works in Blackwater Catchment
One of the main outputs of the CatchmentCARE project is to deliver a range of riparian and in-stream works aimed at helping improve existing water quality across the project’s three catchments.

Riparian and in-stream works around the Ballygawley area, which suffers badly from silt deposition / runoff and excessive nutrient loading.

‘Ballygawley Phase 1’ will entail a range of measures being implemented, including:
– Installing fencing along rivers to help decrease erosion of banks by cattle;
– Supplying and installing livestock drinkers for local farmers;
– Installing field gates and stiles to provide access for farmers and local user groups;
– Planting native species of trees and riverside vegetation to help stabilise riverbanks and create a buffer strip between the river and agricultural land;
– Installing bank revetments and other in-stream works such as rubble mats and flow deflectors (to create a more diverse flow and habitat in the river channel). This work will involve partnership with DEARA Fisheries.

Funding €13,792,435 (ERDF & MATCH)

LEAD PARTNER: Donegal County Council

Start Date: 01/10/2017

End Date: 31/10/2022

Public RFT – A Multi-Supplier Framework for the Provision of Groundwater Monitoring Borehole Drilling Works for CatchmentCARE Project

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