Information Meeting: Ecologists & Forestry Projects (AIE response on training for ecologists working for DAFM Forest Service)

Dr. Orla Fahy

Mr. Kevin Collins

8th February 2021

Overview of DAFM’s assessment of forestry applications
Relevant Circulars
Pre-screening survey / report
NIS template
Other ecological issues
Experiences to date
Final points

Overview of DAFM’s assessment of forestry applications

Link to Circulars:

Related Questions

What is the current advice on planting within aquatic set-backs?

Can you comment on situations where timing mitigations that should apply to the same site can conflict each other? e.g. requirement to fell in summer to minimise impacts on aquatic H&S vs requirement to fell in winter to avoid impacts on breeding birds ?

How do you determine if heath habitat is good enough to be Annex I? [Criteria for Annex Heath habitats can be found under the document Irish Wildlife Manuals, No. 79 from NPWS- Guidelines for a national survey and conservation assessment of upland vegetation and habitats in Ireland] [Annex 1 habitat also visible on ]

NIS for NWS… Can you do one NIS for both the felling and the other operations or are you talking about two NISs ?

It would be useful to consider how undesignated sites of high biodiversity value are captured. I’ve seen several fen sites in Westmeath that have been afforested within the past 5 yr. How are FS inspectors and foresters in general being equipped to identify and avoid planting these sites?

Can you re-submit a FS AA screening report that was carried out for a TFL application in support of a new forest road application on the same property?

Large areas of wetland/peatland habitat in Co. Wicklow which has been identified as recognised wetland sites in the county are continuing to be planted with SS

Are there plans for FS Ecologists to do the AA Screening rather than having it done by FS Inspectors?

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