Disputed Water Supplies in Ireland

“The EPA is aware of 102 supplies that Irish Water contend are not public supplies, and for which Irish Water has not taken over responsibility from the local authority. These supplies provide drinking water to over 2,000 persons. At the time of transition of the provision of water services to Irish Water, water services that were under the remit of the water services section in local authorities transferred to Irish Water. These 102 cases would have been primarily under the supervision of the Local Authority Housing sections and did not transfer across to Irish Water at that time. These supplies are generally supplying water to less than 50 people, which means they are exempt supplies under the Drinking Water Regulations (S.I. 122 of 2014). Currently responsibility for these supplies rests with local authorities. The EPA has raised the matter of disputed water supplies with the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, to provide clarity around responsibility for these supplies.”

AIE request for list of non public supply locations, number of customers and last available plant inspection report

Download list and population served by county/plant here:

Note from EPA on the data as of Nov 2022:

The drinking water team have provided the attached list which is the most up to date list that the EPA holds relating to your request.  They have advised that you may wish to contact the relevant local authority and/or Irish Water for more information as the status of some of the supplies listed may have changed.

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