Citizen science project: mapping and monitoring forests managed for conservation/biodiversity

Aim to assess natural regeneration of conifers from commercial plantations into open areas (especially into Natura sites / Annex I habitats)

  • how far the trees have spread into the BioClass area
  • number of trees (or estimates)
  • maximum height (giving an indication as to how long they have remained unmanaged)
  • general condition of habitat
  • GPS points with data on Date, Species, Height (Categories), Seed Bearing, etc (data input in QField and then added to a main dataset)

Example: WW07 Clohernagh

Aerial image suggests some colonisation of open habitat by trees

Example: Carrigshouk

This area west of Carrigshouk, off the Military Road, has a BioClass rating

In Wicklow Mountains SPA, partially within the SAC. Failed Sitka Spruce plantation from 1986

BioClass data records site as undeveloped land & wet heath – it was before 1986

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