Local Authority Performance Framework Process

The Local Authority Performance Framework (LAPF) evaluates the performance of local authorities in progressing the National Enforcement Priorities (NEPs) designed to achieve national environmental outcomes.

The NEPs for Local Authorities and the associated key activities are proposed and discussed with all relevant parties on an annual basis. For waste, approval is given by the National Waste Enforcement Steering Committee and for water and air/noise, approval is given by the NIECE12 Steering Committee.

Each priority has an agreed objective and a specified outcome to be achieved over a three-year cycle, with the first three year cycle of the revised framework running from 2022-2024.

Although the priorities remain unchanged during each cycle, the focus of the activities associated with each priority can be revised on an annual basis.

There are 20 NEPs in total with five NEPs in each of the areas of governance processes, waste, water and air & noise.

The EPA’s assessment of local authority performance is based on the information and data contained in the Recommended Minimum Criteria for Environmental Inspections (RMCEI) Plans, RMCEI Data Returns and NEP Progress Reports which are submitted to the EPA annually.

EPA and third-party intelligence may also be considered in the assessments.

The results along with detailed recommendations for areas of improvement, if required, are sent to each local authority. Local authorities should review the recommendations and make any necessary changes to the planning and implementation of their environmental protection functions

The NEP assessment criteria are outlined in the Table 2 below.


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