Camera Trapping for Otters

Selected papers

Notes on trailcam setup and placement

Otter eye level is 25-30cm Keep camera  height as standard as possible, e.g. 50cm with a slight angle down but the same 50% sky 50% ground on the screen

Two camera trap sites cannot be closer than 500m or further than 5000m from the next site

Camera trap is set to photo mode only with 3 photos per trigger.

Camera trap time is set to local summer time, with daylight savings settings off.

The SD card and internal photo-stamp of the camera trap are the same number.

The camera trap is placed inside the grid cell, at an appropriate location, unbaited

The camera trap should optimally face north (+/- 15 degrees)

The camera trap test function should detect movement at a distance of 8m.

There should be no large obstructions or blind spots in front of the camera trap

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