AIE to IFI: list of all barriers to fish migration removed from Irish rivers in 2021-22,and barriers planned for removal in 2023


In 2021-22 IFI removed and replaced 4 culvert barriers to fish migration. This involved removing historic concrete pipe culverts and replacing them with clear span bridge. Facilitating unimpacted fish passage through the culvert. This was done in collaboration with the local county councils.


There are 2 projects listed under barrier mitigation that were completed in 2022. They are Ballinacarrig and Owenglen. A fish pass was installed at Ballinacarrig and a fish pass was repaired on the Owenglen.

2021 Ops Dev sheet also listed one barrier mitigation project at Castlerea. While the project was completed in 2021, the barrier was actually removed in 2018.

In summary; no barriers to fish passage were recorded as removed by IFI in the Ops Development reports in 2021 or 2022

River Boyne Catchment Management Programme – Martry Weir Fish Pass planned for 2023 (rock ramp)

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