EPA Court Cases 1997 to 2023 (Qtr 1)

This does not include cases where EPA has taken summary prosecutions (to the district court) during the period

EPA website lists cases back to 2019


Source: https://irlii.org/case-search/

TypeYearDescending DateTitleCitationKeywordsURL
Case202206/12/2022The Environmental Protection Agency v Harte Peat Limited[2022] IECA 276Administrative, Environmental, EU Directive, Planning, Judicial Review, Stay Application, Interlocutory Injunction, Balance of Justice, Risk of InjusticeRead
Case202226/07/2022Foley v. Environmental Protection Agency & Ors; Hayes v. Environmental Protection Agency & Ors[2022] IEHC 470Environmental; Administrative; Judicial Review; Pleading Rules; Industrial Emissions Licence; Habitat Conservation; Non Pleaded Issues; Fit and Proper Person.Read
Case202006/04/2020Harrington -v- The Environmental Protection Agency & ors[2020] IECA 84NULLRead
Case201516/01/2015Environmental Protection Agency -v- Midland Scrap Metal Company Limited[2015] IEHC 17NULLRead
Case201430/05/2014Environmental Protection Agency -v- Harte Peat Limited & anor[2014] IEHC 308NULLRead
Case201430/05/2014Harrington -v- The Environmental Protection Agency[2014] IEHC 307NULLRead
Case201325/06/2013Applications by Coffey & Ors v Environmental Protection Agency & Anor[2013] IESC 31NULLRead
Case201228/08/2012NO2GM Ltd v Environmental Protection Agency & Anor[2012] IEHC 369NULLRead
Case201228/08/2012O’ connor v Environmental Protection Agency & Anor[2012] IEHC 370NULLRead
Case201103/03/2011Environmental Protection Agency v. Neiphin Trading Ltd & Ors[2011] IEHC 67NULLRead
Case200709/03/2007Brady v The Environmental Protection Agency[2007] IEHC 58Integrated pollution control licence; Pig slurry; Waste DisposalRead
Case200715/02/2007Usk and District Residents Association Ltd. v. Environmental Protection Agency[2007] IEHC 30NULLRead
Case200628/07/2006Usk and District Residents Association Ltd. v. Environmental Protection Agency[2006] IEHC 272BATNEEC; Waste Licence; Leave; Environmental Impact StatementRead
Case200613/01/2006Usk District Residents Association Limited v. Environmental Protection Agency[2006] IESC 1Security for Costs; Waste Licence; Companies Act 1963 s. 390Read
Case200409/07/2004Yellow Bins (Waste Disposal) Ltd. v. Environmental Protection AgencyNULLNULLRead
Case200421/05/2004Environmental Protection Agency v. Swalcliffe Ltd.NULLNULLRead
Case200321/02/2003O’Connell v. The Environmental Protection Agency[2003] IESC 14NULLRead
Case200225/04/2002O’Connell v. Environmental Protection AgencyNULLNULLRead
Case200105/07/2001O’Connell v. Environmental Protection AgencyNULLNULLRead
Case200021/01/2000Ni Eili v. Environmental Protection AgencyNULLNULLRead
Case199906/11/1999Watson v. Environmental Protection AgencyNULLNULLRead
Case199930/07/1999Ni Eili v. Environmental Protection AgencyNULLNULLRead
Case199806/10/1998Watson v. Environmental Protection AgencyNULLNULLRead
Case199820/02/1998Ni Eili v. Environmental Protection AgencyNULLNULLRead
Case199706/05/1997Ni Eili v. Environmental Protection AgencyNULLNULLRead

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