Christopher Gibney and Local Power Ltd, Biogas / Anaerobic Digestion Facility, Curragh , Carnaross, Co. Meath

Planning permission for the development of an Anaerobic Digestion Facility to produce renewable gas and electricity on a site of circa. 4.24 hectares at the townland of Curragh, Carnaross, Co. Meath. The development comprises storage and processing plant to accommodate agricultural manures, residues, slurries and grass silage and its conversion into a methane rich biogas that is a carbon negative alternative to natural gas, and a nutrient rich fertiliser, digestate. Carbon dioxide from the process will also be captured and converted into food grade CO2.

The proposed supporting infrastructure to be developed includes inter alia, 1 no. combined primary and secondary digestion tank; 1 no. enclosed feedstock storage building; 1 no. enclosed silage clamp, 1 no. enclosed digestate separation building, (housing 1 no. screw press separator, 1 no. centrifugal separator & a digestate pit); 1 no. digestate treatment building; 1 no. digestate storage tank; 2 no. CHP units (2 x 500kW), biogas upgrading unit, gas grid entry unit, carbon dioxide capture equipment, gas flare, all other on site processing plant above and below ground, facility office and administration building, weighbridge, roof mounted solar arrays / photovoltaic panels, all associated car & vehicle parking, internal road layouts, all supporting plant, process and storage facilities will be housed on hard surfaced and bunded areas, all other above and below ground services, landscaping, palisade fencing and boundary treatments and a new access road from the R147 with an underground gas pipeline to the gas grid connection in the R147.

The facility requires an Industrial Emissions License from the EPA and is accompanied by a Natura Impact Statement (NIS) and an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR)

An Taisce


EIA Screening and Scoping Report



Biogas projects in planning process in Meath

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